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Sayings Involving Food


Today’s offering comes from the most recent Trader Joe’s newsletter, the Frequent Flyer. For those of you unfamiliar with Trader Joe’s (or TJ’s, as it’s popularly called), I feel sorry for you. It is a chain of small but wonderful grocery stores that carries fresh and frozen products, both common and unusual. Their food is excellent and reasonable, the wine and beer section is interesting and well priced, and the employees (who are treated very well by management) are exceptionally helpful. I only explain what TJ’s is because some of my readers come from parts of the world where, I suspect, the store may not yet have made inroads. But don’t give up hope! The current Frequent Flyer, always entertaining to read, included this list of sayings about food that mean something else:

As easy as pie=very easy

To curry favor=to seek gain through flattery

To know your onions=to be extremely knowledgable in a subject

Worth one’s salt=to be competent at a job or deserving of one’s salary

Bring home the bacon=to be a good provider/make a good living

Wake up and smell the coffee=face up to reality

Keen as mustard=very enthusiastic

In the soup=in a difficult situation/in trouble

In a nutshell=concisely

I am lucky enough to have two Trader Joe’s within a 10 minute drive. I hope before too long, you too will be able to say that. This is an unpaid and unsolicited cheer for the store. And my thanks for today’s post, courtesy of TJ’s.

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