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I realize I’ve been absent for several weeks, but I hope you’ll understand. On March 8, my husband had a severe fall and we are still dealing with the repercussions. Our son and DIL are helping me out and we are eternally grateful for their love and support. I’ll update this blog when I have time. Hang with me. I wish ALL of you good health. Take every precaution and protect yourself and everyone else. We’re all in this together.


So many phrases we hear and read daily are redundant, but we rarely have the awareness to eliminate them; we have gotten used to them.  Are any of these your favorites?

Easter Sunday

The end result

A contributing factor

Face up to the problem

Suffocated to death

Modest about himself

Own her own home

Revert back

Shrug her shoulders, nod her head

New developments

Proceed onward

Jewish rabbi

Future plans


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