About Judi Birnberg

I love words. I love Scrabble and crosswords and Boggle. I love languages. I love trying to figure out what people are saying when they speak and write in a language I am not familiar with. I have studied Spanish, but I am really fluent in Menu French, Menu Italian, Menu Greek and just about any other Menu cuisine you can think of—can you tell I love to cook and eat?

I majored in English at UC Berkeley back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Others had to study, but I spent four years reading great literature. As my kids got older, I got an MA in English at UCLA in addition to a graduate degree in teaching ESL. For quite a few years I taught in the Los Angeles-area community colleges and at UCLA Extension. Then I took a flyer and reinvented myself as a consultant, spending over 25 very happy years leading business writing seminars in the corporate world. Many of the participants told me they dreaded my classes, but after laughing and learning for two days, they invariably said they wished they had taken it earlier.

I have been sending out weekly business writing tips to hundreds of corporate employees, whose companies disseminate them to all their personnel. I have no idea how many people read them (or don’t). Some have urged me to start a blog, and I now I am finding my way through this new-to-me medium. Forgive me my errors and send suggestions. I’ll trade you my writing tips for any help you can give me!

I also have written articles for most of the nation’s major newspapers and for the “My Turn” column for Newsweek.

When I’m not reading a good book, I am traveling for pleasure, or painting.  I don’t do rooms; I paint pictures with which to decorate them.  I am a multi-media artist, using anything that makes a mark on paper or canvas:  watercolor, acrylic, encaustic, collage, pastels, colored pencils, etc.

Enough about me!  On to unravel the not-so-complicated mysteries of the English language.  If you have an idea for a topic, I welcome your suggestions.  Thanks for checking in.

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3 Responses to About Judi Birnberg

  1. Lorraine Gordon

    I’m so glad my daughter was one of the participants in your corporate seminar, otherwise I would never have met you. Will your blog be a place to comment & complain when we hear people butchering the language or making up their own words?

  2. Welcome! We can always use another warrior in the battle for clear and correct communication!

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4 responses to “About Judi Birnberg

  1. harebear1

    Opened my gmail for the first time in a year (i use my yahoo instead) and discovered your blog. This is the only entry i found. are there others?


  2. Judi,
    I would like to connect with you on LinkedIn – but I can’t because I don’t have Inmail.
    I have been considering upgrading my account but not sure if it really worth it –
    In any case – I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn! 🙂


  3. I am glad you took up blogging. That way you can guide people globally. Whenever you are looking for good books, you can refer to http://sanchitasarkar.wordpress.com/


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