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Looking for a Date?


According to the Wall Street Journal, a survey showed that people on dating sites give primary importance to a person’s hygiene. Guess what’s second. Grammar!

Grammar and spelling errors in profiles are a huge turnoff for 88% of women and 75% of men.

So if you’re looking for your soulmate online, wash your hair and proofread what you write. If you’re insecure about your writing skills, ask a friend to look over what you write. Hey, maybe that could be a whole new career for me!

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More on Job Titles


Is this you?

Before I went to Italy, I wrote a blog post on new job titles. After I returned, I found an article in the New York Times by Sam Slaughter, called “Your Job Title is … What?”

Because of the preponderance of startups, people today are inventing their own titles. No more East Coast Regional Managers. Vice Presidents of Customer Relations? Gone! Now business cards are introducing Wizards, Gurus, Ninjas, Story Strategists, Futurists and Brand Ambassadors. You can be a Thought Leader at a morning meeting and morph into a Customer Happiness Manager in the afternoon.

Slaughter also has met Influencers and Trend Strategists, Story Architects and Culture Hackers, not to mention a person who admits she was greatly influenced by Dr. Seuss when she was young and decided her job description was (wait for it) Thing 2.

Loyal Correspondent (my title for him) Jeff W. sent me the following titles he’s come across:

Director of First Impressions (receptionist)

Creator of Opportunities (business development)

Chief Amazement Officer (founder)

Director of Listening (social media monitoring)

Chief Troublemaker (CEO) and generally, any title with Catalyst, to describe someone who unblocks corporate inertia.

Jeff has also seen Dragonslayer, Gatekeeper, Sorceress, Jedi, Ranger, Rebel, Zen Master, Time Lord, Princess, Queen and, yes, Webslinger (Spiderman?). My personal favorite, however, is the Eternal Harbinger of Spring.

Don’t tell me you are still a Vice President of Customer Relations!

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Hungry for an Italian Snack?

I just came back from almost three weeks in Italy: Sicily, the far south of the country into the heel of the boot, and ending with a few days in glorious Rome. The entire trip was magnificent and the food was incomparable: every single meal. Therefore, I had no urge to try any of the snacks I found in a highway espresso stop. BTW, I didn’t see one Starbucks during the entire trip; I think the company must realize that Italian coffee is far superior and a fraction of the price.

IMG_0212These might be good for Halloween, though. I also have photos of Fonzies, Ringos, and Crik Crok Plus (they look like Pringles and probably taste just as awful)—but they are taking forever to upload.

As far as language goes, to my ear Italian is the most beautiful and expressive language I am familiar with. So musical! If you want a pinch of salt you use a pizzica. Isn’t that adorable?


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