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I Bet You Speak Yiddish

You say you don’t? Let’s take a quick quiz and see what you know.

KVETCH: 1. To scratch  2. To complain  3. To stir

KLUTZ: 1. An instrument  2. A dessert  3. A clumsy person

SCHMUTS: 1. Dirt  2. A breed of dog  3. A stupid person

FRESS: 1. A dress  2. To walk quickly  3. To eat (usually sloppily, in a hurry)

SCHLEP:  1. To shop  2. To carry  3. To sleep

How did you do?

KVETCH #2   KLUTZ #3    SCHMUTS #1    FRESS #3    SCHLEP #2

All these words have become what some people call Yinglish: they are so commonly used in many parts of America that they often need no translation. Here is the dictionary definition of Yiddish:

|Yiddish ˈyidiSH| noun   a language used by Jews in central and eastern Europe before the Holocaust. It was originally a German dialect with words from Hebrew and several modern languages and is today spoken mainly in the US, Israel, and Russia.


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