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                                                 Is Mylie Cyrus proud of her tung?

You’ve probably figured out that I’m obsessed, OK, intrigued by the English language. I was stopped in  traffic (surprise!) on the way to the gym this afternoon and saw that the car in front of me was a Nissan Rogue.  The —gue isn’t pronounced. That made me think about other words ending with —gue, such as argue and ague, in which the —gue is pronounced. Why aren’t those words pronounced arg and ag (aig), respectively? I can think of many other —gue words: tongueintrigue, demagogue, synagogue, league, fatigue, harangue, meringue, prologue, epilogue, travelog(ue), ideologue, and pedagogue—but none of those final two letters are pronounced.

Please try to hold your comments urging me to get a life. And I apologize for subjecting you to the photograph of Ms. Cyrus and her revolting tung.


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