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Servitude or Service?

As I have mentioned, I read the obituaries in the Los Angeles Times every day to make sure my name is not listed.  Today was another good day for me.  However, I found an obituary for a retired police officer who, it was said, retired “after a  lifetime of public servitude….”

servitude |ˈsərviˌt(y)o͞od| noun the state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.

The poor man.  This is what happens when people try to make themselves sound important:  they use fancy words, thinking they know what the definition is.  They are close, but no one is going to pass out cigars.  I’ve already written about often seeing simplistic used when the writer (or speaker) means simple.  Again, hold the Cohibas.

If you have even a teensy doubt about the meaning of a word, use your dictionary first.

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