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In yesterday’s post I mentioned PINs associated with vehicles.  Someone more sharp-eyed than I am called to my attention the fact that cars have VINS, and ATMs have PINs.  But then this person suggested that perhaps car companies might, in fact, have PINs because the Supreme Court decreed that “corporations are people.”  I do not agree with the Supremes in this case!

What I learned from yesterday’s mistake is that although I do proofread everything I write more than once, obviously I am reading looking for typos but don’t focus on possible errors in content. I will change my errant ways.

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Making Acronyms Plural

As I’ve mentioned before, an acronym is not a synonym for an abbreviation.  All acronyms are abbreviations, but not all abbreviations are acronyms.

NASA is an acronym—because we pronounce it as a word.

PIN is also an acronym. (Don’t say “PIN number.” That’s redundant.)

USA is not an acronym because we don’t pronounce it as a word; we say each letter.

To make acronyms plural, just add a lowercase s:  All vehicles have PINs. You don’t need an apostrophe before that s. We do write about the Oakland A’s, only because it would look like the word “As” if we didn’t.

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