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The Most Persuasive Words


Unknown-1.pngHere’s a list of words that are widely considered to be the most persuasive you can use. Notice that most are short and all are commonly used. Nothing fancy here:

• yes

• free

• easy

• new

• money

• save

• now

• results

• love

• sale

• health

• benefits

• discovery

• guarantee

• proven

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Words to Persuade With


(To those of you moaning about my ending a sentence with a preposition, I ask if you’d rather read Words With Which to Persuade. It truly is fine to stick a preposition at the end of your sentence if it sounds more natural.)

To persuade your audience, here is a list of words that will entice your readers to your side: youyes, free, guarantee, easy, save, new, safety, benefits, discovery, health, now, sale, proven, money, results, love.

Please be sure when you use these words that you are not blowing smoke. If you are offering benefits, guarantees, or health, mean what you say. If you cannot back up your promises, you will lose all credibility.


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Accentuate the Positive

It’s easy to be positive when writing, either personally or in business, if you deliberately think about how you can do so.

Instead of writing, “We can’t refund your money until you remit your expenses,” turn that sentence around and make it positive:

“As soon as you remit your expenses, we will refund your money.”

Some of the most appealing and persuasive words in the English language are please, thank you, yes,  free, save, new, results, easy, money, now, guarantee, discovery, health, sale, safety, proven and love.

If you use those words, make sure you are using them accurately.  When you make promises, keep them.

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