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So Excited!

According to this caption in today’s Los Angeles Times, the Academy Awards are going to be right where I live: in Sherman Oaks! This will be a first. (Of course, if the caption had begun with “At the Goodnight & Co. facility in Sherman Oaks,” I would just watch the proceedings from Hollywood as usual.)

Love those misplaced modifiers.

2014-01-22 10.27.23

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Eliminate Sexist Writing: Choose Inclusive Language

Each year while watching the Academy Awards, I keep hoping to see Oscars given for Best Actor, Male and Best Actor, Female.  Why should we distinguish between actors and actresses? We don’t have teachers and teacherettes, doctors and doctoresses.  Meryl Streep and Jodie Foster have always referred to themselves as actors.  Inclusive language is realistic.  “Actor” is the main job category; “actress” is a sub-category of that.  Not fair.  They do the same job.

Tomorrow, another aspect of sexism in writing.

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