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An Italian Lesson


images-1.jpgThe first thing you should know is that I have never studied Italian, much as I’d like to. However, just from being in Italy over the years, I have become quite fluent in Menu Italian. Did you know that biscotti is plural? If you have the willpower to eat only one, you will crunch on a biscotto. But who can eat only one?



Have you ever tagged a wall? (Tsk tsk.) If you made only one mark, you created a graffito. Graffiti is when you (or Banksy) paint a large creation containing many letters and figures. If caught, you’d have to confess, “These graffiti were my creation. And that graffito over there also was mine.” Plural vs. singular.



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Hungry for an Italian Snack?

I just came back from almost three weeks in Italy: Sicily, the far south of the country into the heel of the boot, and ending with a few days in glorious Rome. The entire trip was magnificent and the food was incomparable: every single meal. Therefore, I had no urge to try any of the snacks I found in a highway espresso stop. BTW, I didn’t see one Starbucks during the entire trip; I think the company must realize that Italian coffee is far superior and a fraction of the price.

IMG_0212These might be good for Halloween, though. I also have photos of Fonzies, Ringos, and Crik Crok Plus (they look like Pringles and probably taste just as awful)—but they are taking forever to upload.

As far as language goes, to my ear Italian is the most beautiful and expressive language I am familiar with. So musical! If you want a pinch of salt you use a pizzica. Isn’t that adorable?


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