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Another Pip of a Misplaced Modifier

As I think I’ve mentioned, I read the obituaries every day to be certain my name is not included. This is another good day (so far). But an obituary in today’s Los Angeles Times began by stating that the dead man “was born on November 9, 1938 on Kristallnacht in Providence, Rhode Island.”

As far as I know, Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) took place in Austria and Germany and did not spread to Providence. The problem sentence could have been fixed by a comma after 1938 and another after Kristallnacht or by rearranging the sentence as follows: the person “was born in Providence, Rhode IslandĀ on Kristallnacht, November 9, 1938.

Interior of the synagogue after Kristallnacht,...

Interior of the synagogue after Kristallnacht, November 1938 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Proofreading is a good thing.

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