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If You’re a Scrabble Player


If you’re a really dedicated Scrabble player, you’ve probably memorized all the two-letter words no one ever uses in real life, such as qi and za and ki. Now a new edition of the Merriam-Webster Scrabble Players Dictionary has been released and gives you permission to use the following, ahem, words:







Quinzhee, which as you know is an Iniut word meaning a combination of an igloo and a hole in the ground

I prefer to play Wordscraper, a Scrabble-like game on steroids that seems to be available only on Facebook. I prefer it because you can rack up much higher scores than in Scrabble. It also accepts some very odd words, including some abbreviations and some non-English words.

Anyone hungry? Let’s go out for some za.  Gack! I will never say that, but I have played it, especially when I can get the Z on a quadruple letter or on a 5X score for the word. Incidentally, you can make it plural if you have an S.

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And the International Oxford Dictionaries Word of 2013 Is……..

Selfie!  Here’s the news flash from the website Mashable:

“Oxford Dictionaries announced “Selfie” as the international Word of the Year 2013, noting its frequency in the English language has increased by 17,000% since last year.

“According to Oxford Dictionaries, the word “selfie” first appeared in 2002, when it was used in an Australian online forum. It was popularized by social media during the years (it was used as a hashtag on Flickr in 2004), but it became widely adopted around 2012, when it started commonly being used in mainstream media.”

So get out your smartphone, make those duck lips, take your picture and upload it to your favorite social media sites.

(What is wrong with me? Why am I promoting this?)

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To Tell or Not to Tell?

What do you think I should do?  I have a friend who lives in another city.  Often on Facebook I see her posts involving her and another person; her style always goes for “myself,” as in, “Larry and myself went away for the weekend,” or “Larry and myself saw a great movie yesterday.

I guess it doesn’t take much to drive me crazy, but sentences like those do the trick.   I am so tempted to tell her that “myself” is used only for emphasis when you’ve already mentioned yourself:  “I planted those apple trees myself.” I think she sounds ignorant, yet she is a bright, talented person.

A voice in my head says to let it go.  What difference does it make?  But another voice says she is being judged unfairly because of her grammar, and that bothers me.  And yet a third voice tells me I can’t change the world’s grammar.

I doubt she reads my blog.  If she does and if she recognizes herself, my problem is solved.  I would hope it wouldn’t be a friendship breaker. What would you do?

Whoops!  I just realized I’d better not post this to Facebook.

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