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Hold That S! Or Perhaps Add It.

Another way to refer to Paris is the City of Light, not Lights. All cities have light, but Paris prides itself on, among other things (such as pastries and art) the beautiful light of the city, so often painted by the Impressionists.

When you name something, such as Paris or George Washington and then immediately mention a name closely associated with that thing, such as the City of Light or the Father of His Country, you have just created an appositive. Did you know that? Set that appositive off with commas, e.g., Bruce Springsteen, the Boss, recently gave a concert.

Here’s an S you may need to add: the university in Baltimore is not John Hopkins. Here’s what its correct name is:

Yep. it’s Johns Hopkins. Of course, I understand the confusion because who names their baby boy Johns instead of John? Well, the Hopkinses did. And that baby founded a world-renowned university (after a suitable time).



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