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Are You Guilty of a Capital Offense?

English: Letter by Benjamin Franklin reproduce...

English: Letter by Benjamin Franklin reproduced in Bogtrykkeren Benjamin Franklin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people have a rampant case of capitalizationitis: they are in love with capital letters and annoyingly sprinkle them with abandon throughout their writing.  In earlier centuries, no rules existed and people used  capital letters at will. Remember, you are not Ben Franklin or Dolly Madison, so control the urge.

Don’t use capital letters to call attention to a word. You see this all the time in advertising: “Make your Money work for You!”  “Best Plumber in the city!”  “Ripe Peaches, $1.59/lb.”

Let the meaning of your words carry the message. Don’t rely on capital letters, italics, boldface or exclamation points.

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