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About BCC:


Have you ever received an email from an unfamiliar name but with a subject line you recognized? Chances are someone sent out an email to a lot of people, including you, but instead of addressing it using BCC (which is a blind copy), that person used either TO or CC. Some other recipient of that email wanted to respond to the sender, but instead of clicking on Reply clicked on Reply All. Because of that, every person on that list got an email that very likely they cared nothing about. We all get far too much email, and these annoying responses  that do not concern us only add to the problem.

The other problem with using TO or CC instead of BCC  is that it reveals your email address to many people, some of whom you might not want to have it. Unless every person receiving this email needs to see who else is getting it, do your readers a big favor and use BCC.

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Using Reply All

If you receive an e-mail that has been sent to others, before you answer, think about whether you want only the sender to get your answer or if everyone needs to read it.

Often, business e-mails go to many people using TO: for one person and CC: for everyone else. When sending out a group e-mail, using BCC: often is preferable.  With BCC: only the sender knows who got the e-mail; each recipient knows others were also on the distribution list, but they don’t see anyone else’s address.

I write a weekly business writing tip to hundreds of my corporate contacts and always send it BCC: because I feel it would be wrong of me to disclose all the e-mail addresses to everyone on my distribution list; it’s a question of their privacy.  Also, recipients frequently write back to me, and I know there is no danger of them clicking REPLY ALL and annoying everyone else on the list.

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