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Seventeen Problems Only a Book Lover Will Understand

English: Title page of first edition of Anna K...

English: Title page of first edition of Anna Karenina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a compulsive reader married to a compulsive reader, whose house walls are convex because of all the books inside, I can relate to these situations.

One of the “problems” is when a movie ruins a book you loved. For me, it was Tom Woolf’s “Bonfire of the Vanities.” Another one: “The Remains of the Day.” However, a movie I found far better than the book was “The Godfather.”  And some books you simply cannot do justice to in a couple of hours: “David Copperfield,” “Ulysses,” and “Anna Karenina.”

What are your book “problems”?  (See that use of quotation marks? It’s my way of saying I know these are not serious problems in the grand scheme of things.  It’s a tickle in the ribs.)


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