A Quick Latin Lesson for Your License Plate Frame

Although I never studied Latin (and truly wish I had, and I’ll tell you why in a minute), I get a teensy bit annoyed when I see a female driving a car with her license plate frame announcing that she is an Alumni of UCLA or some other university. She’s an alumna. Here is a quick Latin lesson for you:

Alumnus: one male graduate

Alumna: one female graduate

Alumnae: more than one female graduate

Alumni: more than one male graduate, or a mix of male and female graduates.

My regret: I wish I had studied Latin because it is the foundation of all Romance languages. French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian are the ones we are most familiar with, although dozens of others are in the same grouping.

As a word nerd, I am fascinated by language similarities and differences. Latin would have increased my vocabulary in English and also in the Spanish I did study. I figure, the more languages we know, the better. It’s a small world.

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    Judith, it’s never too late!!!!



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