Do You Say These Phrases?

images.jpg Our ears can play tricks on us. Remember when you (and I) thought duct tape was duck tape? (Who would ever tape a duck?)

Here are some more phrases you might be saying and writing incorrectly:

Hear, hear! It’s not Here, here! You really are saying, “I hear you and agree with you.”

Free rein, not free reign. No royalty involved. If you give someone free rein, it’s like giving a horse freedom to gallop without a rider pulling back on the reins.

Heartrending, not rendering. Rending is like breaking, such as in a heartrending sob, as if one’s heart were broken in  two.

•  Statute of limitations, not statue. A statute is akin to a law. In some cases, you have a certain time within which you must bring charges. It does not involve equestrian statues in the park.

Shoo-in, no fancy footwear involved. If you shoo a mosquito away, you’re likely waving your hand to make that nuisance disappear quickly. If Eliza is a shoo-in for class president, she’s got a clear, easy shot at the position, as if her supporters are pushing her into it.


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