Do You Peruse My Posts?


 Chances are you don’t. If you don’t spend much time reading them and just skim or scan or quickly give them the once-over, you haven’t perused them. Peruse means to read carefully and comprehensively. Granted, the posts I write are rarely worthy of perusal; I write them so they can be skimmed quickly.

Now you know that perusing a document requires much more of your time. If you’re studying for a class or writing an important letter, you’ll need to peruse supporting documents so you can be fully informed.

As always, I welcome your comments and questions. If you comment, I will respond.

Thank you for skimming.


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2 responses to “Do You Peruse My Posts?

  1. Susan Schneider

    To Ms Banana Boat, I peruse every syllable you write. Susie Squishie Sent from my iPhone



    • Dearest Susie Squishie, thank you for your constant perusal. But my brief words deserve nothing more than a fittingly brief browse. And how goes it with you and yours? XOX


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