RIP, Doris Day


images-1.jpg    “I knew her before she was a virgin,” said Oscar Levant, American pianist, composer,  humorist, author, actor, hypochondriac, and television talk show host.   (1906-1972)



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2 responses to “RIP, Doris Day

  1. Virginia Halstead

    really liked the tribute to Doris, I’m a big fan, and always got a kick out that quote – so perfect description of her and her career. love all your posts, thanks for the education, entertainment and good laughs! You are a humorist! xo



  2. I’m laughing, Virginia: I’m not a humorist; I sometimes quote humorous remarks others have made. That’s the best I can do.
    I hope your “project” (much too weak a word) is coming along and that you can see the end. Dare I hope? I dare! XO


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