Feel Free to Laugh At Me — I Did

The other day I saw a headline in the Los Angeles Times: “Ex-state senator finishes sentence.”

If you know me, you know how I read that. My first thought was, “What kept him from finishing his sentence? What was he speaking about?”

I finally realized that the no-longer-a-California- state-senator had been sentenced to prison and had completed his required time in the pen.

Such is the hazard of being a word nerd.


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2 responses to “Feel Free to Laugh At Me — I Did

  1. I totally get it. I’m a classical music nerd. One day in Manhattan I saw a movie marquee that read ‘Copland’. I ran across the street to investigate this new movie about Aaron Copland! I was so confused to see it starred Sylvester Stallone. Then I realized it was about cops – a short ‘o’ as in ‘cops’; not a long ‘o’ as in Copland.


  2. Your story is hilarious, Vikki! I, too, would have thought Aaron Copland was the focus of the movie. Glad you didn’t by a ticket before you found out what the film was really about. (I’m also a classical music devotee; I play it ALL the time when I’m at home. If I could have Beethoven’s 7th on an endless loop, I’d be happy for the rest of my life.)


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