Emailing Your Boss

An article in by Catie L’Heureux had some good tips on how to email your boss. I don’t know how L’Heureux knows this, but she says your boss gets about 500 emails a day. Even if the total is a measly 348, your boss is going to see only the first few words of your email and will make a decision on the spot whether to reply, delete, or ignore.

A good way to get her attention is to open with a question: Could we…? Do you think…? Will you confirm…? Will you please tell me whether…? Would you consider…?

You will come across as professional and, unless your boss is a descendant of Frau Blücher, she will do what she can to accommodate you. Instead of responding, “No problem” or “Sure” if she asks for your help, try answering “Of course.” You will sound glad to help. That is likely the way you want people reporting to you to sound.

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