New Dictionary Entries

Recently, Merriam-Webster added 840 words to its dictionary. Many of the new words are related to food.

There’s HANGRY, feeling angry or irritable because you’re hungry. (Squishing words together, like hungry and angry to make hangry, creates a neologism.)

Have you eaten ZOODLES yet? You know: long strands of zucchini, prepared like noodles. Of course. I know you’ve eaten GUAC. To me, that sounds like someone is choking and needs the Heimlich maneuver. I refuse to turn guacamole into “gwock.” Are you a beer enthusiast? You just may be a HOPHEAD. If you are, have you ordered a FLIGHT of craft beers? That’s a selection of beers set in front of you for a taste test. (I did enjoy a flight of ice cream in Portland, Maine once, and I had no trouble walking steadily out of the store.)

As you’d expect, science and technology contributed their fair share of new words. AIRPLANE MODE made the cut; that’s the operating mode for your electronic devices that blocks wireless networks so you can’t send or receive messages. (I have to admit, I’ve forgotten to use airplane mode on more than one flight (not the beer or ice cream variety of flight, the Wright brothers’ kind) and the planes have not crashed.

INSTAGRAMMING, Merriam says, is now a verb, meaning “posting a picture to the Instagram photo-sharing app.” I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to say that word, but you feel free.

GENERATION Z, those kiddies born between the late ’90s and into the early 2000s, are fond of  many of the new words. You might say they have their FAVES.

RANDO refers to a person who isn’t immediately recognizable or whose company is not welcome.

You might consider this post a TIME SUCK, in which case I apologize. You are free to tell me, TLDR (too long, didn’t read). OK, that’s only 12 new words in the dictionary. Only 828  to go.

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