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I’ve just returned from a week’s vacation with our children, one human grandchild, and our furry grandson, Gus the Havanese. Meet Gus, sweetest pooch in the world (except for yours).




It was a nasty flight home and I’m tired, so my offering today is a post I copied from a British website that focuses on grammatical and spelling errors in signs. I’ve altered the list a little to change the spelling of some authors’ names. These so-called books and their so-called writers struck me as funny. Maybe it’s due to jet lag.

How to Write Big Books, by Warren Peace

The Lion Attacked, by Claude Yarmoff

The Art of Archery, by Boze N. Arrows

Songs for Children, by Baba Blacksheep

Irish Heart Surgery, by Angie O’Plasty

Desert Crossing, by I. Rhoda Camel

School Truancy, by Marcus Absent

I Was a Cloakroom Attendant, by Mahatma Coate

I Lost My Balance, by Eileen Dover and Phil Downe

Mystery in the Barnyard, by Hu Phlung Dung

Positive Reinforcement, by Wade Ago

“Shhh!” by Danielle Soloud

The Philippine Post Office, by Imelda Letter

Halloween Games, by Bob Frapples

Stop Arguing, by Xavier Breth







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