Quotation Marks, Part 7 (!)


We don’t know who made up all these punctuation rules; they are merely for convenience and ease of reading. So here goes with one more on the use of quotation marks.

You remember that periods and commas always go inside quotation marks, right? Here’s another “always” rule:

Colons and semicolons always go outside quotation marks:

The English teacher told us that tomorrow we will read “Mending Wall”; no one in the class knew the poem’s author was Robert Frost.

I needed only one thing before reading Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”: a thesaurus.



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2 responses to “Quotation Marks, Part 7 (!)


    Do read Frank Bruni in the NYTimes Review section of today’s paper. You will love it.



    • OMG, I think he wrote that column with me in mind. It’s one of my most petty of peeves (among a zillion others). I cannot stand it when people use “whom” because they think it’s classy and therefore must be correct. If you need a subject pronouns, it’s got to be “who.” And, yes, “that” and “which” are for things and “who” is for people. It’s a losing battle, Frank. Or as I often see written, a “loosing” battle.


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