Spring Cleaning


©Judi Birnberg 2016

So often we combine words without realizing they are redundant. Here is a partial list to get you thinking. It’s a good idea to proofread your documents one time specifically to see if you might have fallen into the trap. It’s time to sweep out the clutter:

Free gift
Open trench
Jewish rabbi
Easter Sunday
Refer back
Nodded her head
Sales, storm, hurricane, earthquake event
Plan for the future
Crime activity
End result
Prior notice
Suffocated to death
A new record
Shrugged his shoulders


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4 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. Judi, I enjoy your blog. This one about redundancy should make all of us think. It’s so easy to become immune to these expressions because we hear them all the time and so don’t notice when they sneak into our writing. The sum total is that we find ourselves reverting back to our beginning writing days. LOL! I enjoy. By the way, is this a picture of you working in your yard? I suspect not, but maybe?


    • Hi, Musing—

      I had to laugh. No, that’s not me. It is an elderly female gardener keeping the Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, Japan, immaculate. I took the photograph on our recent trip to gorgeous Japan. This was the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen; it’s been named one of the three best in the country. Now I need to see the other two!


  2. Janet Papkin

    Oh dear. I do this all the time! Wonderful fitting photo!

    xo Janet

    Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2016 05:49:51 +0000 To: papkin@msn.com


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