A Few More Signs From Japan

Her Majesty, the reigning chicken, is in Nara, Japan. Notice that all the signs are in English. I am still wondering where the King of Chickens is.



How I loved finding this product. Since it’s a coffee lightener, maybe the advertising company came up with the name by combining cream and powder. Just a guess.


I never tried this offering at a hotel breakfast buffet. But given the wonderful cleanliness of Japan’s cities and towns, of course their sauces would also be tidy.



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3 responses to “A Few More Signs From Japan

  1. Haha! Good stuff. I’ve been here almost long enough to stop noticing all the fun things, but not quite.


    • I’m jealous you get to live in Japan. My husband and I are so eager to go back. Glad you liked the signs. I don’t know if you’ve looked through my blog posts in May, but I have quite a few more there. I don’t want you to think I spent my time there ridiculing the attempts at English; I found endless reasons for admiration and applause.


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