That Mosaic Toilet



I’ve had some email questions about the toilet photo accompanying yesterday’s post. Yes, I made it (well, the mosaic, not the toilet).

I had seen one in the window of a chichi boutique here in Los Angeles. It had a price tag of $6800 and had been sold to a family who was having it shipped to their second home in Hawaii. I thought to myself, “Self, I could make something like that.” “Something” is the operative word here, since I had never done any mosaics before. I asked my husband to buy me a toilet for my birthday—bet you never thought of that as a worthwhile gift—and I started going to thrift stores to buy up all colors and patterns of dishes.

It was a tedious job. I used every excuse I could think of. Since I was working outside, some days were too hot, others too cold, and some too windy. I wanted Goldilocks weather. After about two months, I decided the job was finished, and my sainted husband placed it in our garden, where it remains. No, it is not flushable, merely decorative. although our grandson liked to pretend otherwise.


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  1. You’ve inspired me to do something similar. I’ve got five years worth of broken crockery I’ve been saving for the right project so that’s a start…now I have to get a garden to put it in.


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