Positive or Negative?

101_0020.JPG - Version 2

© Judi Birnberg

Don’t write “can’t” when you really mean “can”:

See if you can’t get Jim to give you the proposal by noon.

Whenever possible, it’s better to state things positively.

Instead of writing, We can’t refund your money because you haven’t submitted your form, try this: As soon as you submit your form, we will be able to refund your money.


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2 responses to “Positive or Negative?

  1. Janet Papkin

    Boy, talk about positive & negative – your gorgeous picture is such a good example of the use of positive & negative space in its composition.

    xo Janet

    Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 20:55:56 +0000 To: papkin@msn.com


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