Horde or Hoard?

These two homonyms are often confused, but their meanings are quite different.

HORDE is a crowd, often rowdy or tumultuous. Picture Walmart when it opens on Black Friday.

HOARD is a stash of valuables, often hidden, such as the paintings and artifacts the Nazis confiscated during WWII. You may have read or seen The Monuments Men or The Rape of Europa, both dealing with that subject. You may also be familiar with the television show Hoarders, in which the items collected do not seem particularly valuable except to the person hoarding them. I shudder.



A hoard of wine bottles?

A hoard of wine bottles?

copyright Judi Birnberg





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2 responses to “Horde or Hoard?

  1. Janet Papkin

    I know you don’t really hoard wine bottles but, oh, what a fabulous image!

    xo Janet

    Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 19:35:13 +0000 To: papkin@msn.com


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