How to Punctuate Bullet-Point Lists


UnknownA bullet-point list may contain either all sentences or all fragments. Either way is acceptable in business writing, but do not mix sentences and fragments in the same list.

If your list contains all fragments, do not put a period after each item:

You’ll need to buy a variety of food for the office party:

• pizza
• salad
• garlic bread
• soda
• water
• cake
• coffee
• paper goods

If your list contains sentences, do use end punctuation:

Many teachers complain about the following problems:

• Children come to school hungry and tired.
• Parents either do not or cannot help with homework.
• Money is scarce for all but the minimum supplies.
• Overtime hours for teachers are not compensated.


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2 responses to “How to Punctuate Bullet-Point Lists

  1. Always good to have these punctuation and grammar reminders – gotta keep us in line!


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