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A Few More Typos to Get You to the Weekend



From Just My Typo, compiled by Drummond Moir:

It is proposed to use this donation to purchase new wenches for our park as the present old ones are in a very dilapidated state.
(From the Carrolton Ohio Chronicle)

The Chicago investors put the land up for sale for $22 million in 2008, but got no takers. The Trust for Public Land made a deal with the group to buy it for close to $12, if it could come up with the money by this April.
(New York Times)

All work cheaply and nearly done.
(Perthshire Advertiser)

Save regularly in your bank. You’ll never reget it.

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Flounder vs. Founder


Given the endless political campaign and how often I hear and see these two words misused, I thought it was time to reprise them. Here for your consideration are founder and flounder. Both are used here as verbs.

FOUNDER means to sink. For instance, if a candidate starts out with seemingly enormous support and then makes a mistake, that support may evaporate. He or she may go from 83% popularity to 27% popularity. You would say the candidate’s campaign founders.

FLOUNDER means to act confused and struggle mentally. Think of a flounder flopping around on the deck of a boat, flopping from side to side. That behavior suggests a candidate floundering, not answering questions clearly and contradicting previous positions.

OK, let the endless presidential campaign continue. Only one year to go.

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