A Few More Unfortunate Typos


What would I do without Drummond Moir’s book, Just My Typo? Here are a few more goodies.

From The Parting, by Millicent Hemming:
I am certain of one thing. Whatever may come between us—and wherever he may be on earth—Arthur will always remember that I love ham.

From an anonymous short story:
He was disfigured. As long as I can remember, he has had a car on his face.

From The Price of Love, by Rosemary Jeans:
Ted could not raise the cash necessary to purchase a house, and eventually in desperation he had to burrow.

From Life in Barnsthorpe, by Patricia Cox:
Later that same evening after a vain search all around the village, Mary found the dog dead in the garden. She curried the body indoors.

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One response to “A Few More Unfortunate Typos

  1. How funny! If I taught a creative writing class I would have my students write a short story, the only instruction being that it must contain at least one of these sentences.


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