Up, Up and Away!


Are you aware that most “up” phrases clutter (up) your writing? Do you really need to type (up) your report, start (up) the copier, hunt (up) paper clips, fold (up) the newspaper or free (up) your staff?

TIP: When you proofread, look for superfluous words that do no work.


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4 responses to “Up, Up and Away!

  1. Kathy Sandel

    On the other hand, if you say “I was tied up” it isn’t quite the same as “I was tied.” :-))

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  2. Isa

    As my grasp of English improved, I noticed I took up this bad habit of adding “up” as to reinforce the meaning of something. For example, look how many times I used up “up” in this comment. 😉


    • I think you’re being too hard on yourself, Isa. Many times “up” is necessary. You look up information online, you take up a habit or a suggestion, you build up a savings account. However, often it’s just filler, and I bet you know when that’s the case. Cheer up!

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