And Yet More Similar and Often Confused Words


These are from suggestions you have sent recently; many thanks:

GAMBLE—You all know this means to take chances.
GAMBOL—To run and jump about playfully
Allen gambled an enormous amount of money at the blackjack tables, cashed in his chips, and then gamboled through the casino while deciding whether to quit his day job.

MOOT—Open to debate, without a final decision
Whether humans are a cause of global warming is no longer a moot point, according to the majority of scientists worldwide.
MUTE—Without the ability to speak, sometimes temporarily.
Pronounced “myoot.”
Karen, normally quite talkative, remained mute while her sister reprimanded her.

INSURE—Use this word for any situation in which money is involved.
Post office clerks normally ask if you want to insure the packages you are mailing.
ENSURE—To make certain. To protect both themselves and their patients, doctors must ensure that they keep accurate records of all interactions.

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