Cliché Finder

Cliche Finder is a website ( that has lists of random clichés. Here’s one I stumbled on just now. See if any of these sayings are near and dear to your heart (and there’s another cliché for you):

different strokes for different folks
to have and to hold
forewarned is forearmed
from A to Z
If you’re the last one to leave,turn out the lights.
warms the cockles of your heart (Did you know your heart had cockles?)
find yourself in a hole
turn turtle
no sweat
didn’t like the color of his money

What’s so wrong with clichés? The first time we heard any of them, we might well have thought, “Isn’t that clever!” But by the 20th time, they had become old hat and made us green around the gills because they were hoary with age, well past their pull-by date.

I think I’ve tortured you with enough clichés for one day. As William Safire, the late word maven once wrote, “Avoid clichés like the plague.”


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5 responses to “Cliché Finder

  1. Kathy Sandel

    Well, I can see you are a barrel of laughs!


  2. echo

    More fun than a basket of pandas!
    That’s my ‘new cliché’, which was my comment after my daughter sent me a youtube video about a zoo employee trying to rake leaves and tidy up the habitat enclosure with five curious baby pandas ‘helping’ her.
    Obviously, the pandas were having more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
    I had a favorite teacher in elementary school who made English fun, while she sneakily taught us how to be creative with words. In her capable hands, English was truly a ‘Language Art’. She would fill a blackboard with clichés, and after we all finished groaning, she’d ask us to choose one and make a new and interesting phrase.
    The next time you describe the appearance of someone with seasickness, just say that he was ‘as green as a gremlin’s grin.’


    • I saw that video. Adorable! Just glad I didn’t have that woman’s job.

      You were lucky to have that English teacher. So many teachers are just marking time until retirement. Not only is a seasick person as green as a gremlin’s grin, but what a great way to teach alliteration.


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