If You’re a Scrabble Player


If you’re a really dedicated Scrabble player, you’ve probably memorized all the two-letter words no one ever uses in real life, such as qi and za and ki. Now a new edition of the Merriam-Webster Scrabble Players Dictionary has been released and gives you permission to use the following, ahem, words:







Quinzhee, which as you know is an Iniut word meaning a combination of an igloo and a hole in the ground

I prefer to play Wordscraper, a Scrabble-like game on steroids that seems to be available only on Facebook. I prefer it because you can rack up much higher scores than in Scrabble. It also accepts some very odd words, including some abbreviations and some non-English words.

Anyone hungry? Let’s go out for some za.  Gack! I will never say that, but I have played it, especially when I can get the Z on a quadruple letter or on a 5X score for the word. Incidentally, you can make it plural if you have an S.


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One response to “If You’re a Scrabble Player

  1. Schmutz is a perfectly legitimate word from the Yiddish language! And isn’t it “Inuit”?

    I’m indebted to my boss, Dr. Edwin Blue, for introducing me to your blog!


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