About Lettuce


Let’s see: Iceberg, romaine, arugula, Boston, frisee.

Sorry, I meant about “Let us.” If you make that into a contraction, it becomes “Let’s.” Without the apostrophe, it means “allows”: “The computer lets you correct typing errors easily.”

Let’s hear it for the computer. Sometimes even autocorrect gets it right. But you still have to proofread; don’t trust it.


March 21, 2014 · 5:00 PM

2 responses to “About Lettuce

  1. I agree – the autocorrect is not perfect. I tell my kids to read their essays too!


    • Autocorrect is a time saver, especially when I’m writing with one finger on my iPad, as I am now. But it has also made some hilariously wrong and potentially embarrassing assumptions.

      Proofreading is essential, autocorrect or not. It’s so easy to write and when we mean any, for instance. If we don’t proofread, we write what we think we wrote, not what we actually wrote.

      Off my soapbox now. Thanks so much for reading my blog, BCM.


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