Forwarding Emails

When we receive emails from friends, relatives or colleagues containing religious or political topics or anything else we might find annoying or objectionable, it is often difficult to find a kind way to tell them to stop. Perhaps it is best to delete those emails rather than sunder a friendship. You’ll have to make that choice. If the situation becomes oppressive, you’ll have to find a way to let those senders know your time is limited and you would prefer not to get emails on those topics in the future.

Before you forward an email, here are some pointers to remember:

1. Before passing on an email, think carefully about whether it truly is worth forwarding. Is it really that funny? That important? Could if offend some people you might send it to?

2. If you do decide to forward it, strip out everything except the guts of the message. If any personal information or email addresses are in the body of that email, get rid of them. You do not want to disseminate information that should remain private.

3.  Make sure to send the email BCC: to everyone. That way, you are not divulging people’s addresses to everyone on the list. If you send the email TO: or CC:, everyone’s address will appear. Again, those emails are private unless their owners want them made public. In addition, if some recipients decide to reply to you but accidentally click on REPLY ALL, then everyone you sent that email to will receive those answers from people they neither know nor care about. Everyone today gets far too much email as it is.  Forward only using BCC.

4. Before forwarding something, if you have any doubts about its veracity, check with  first to see if the content is valid.

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