Rachael Ray, Cannibal and Dog-Eater?



Given Rachael Ray’s love for extra-virgin olive oil (or EVOO, as it seems to be called in many parts these days), I’m guessing sautéing was her preferred method of cooking her family and her dog.

Editor! Find your comma stash currently going unused and put a comma after “cooking.” If you’re in the mood to give up another, put it after family. That one is optional. A period at the end would be nice, but magazine covers have a style that eschews them. However, exclamation points are found in abundance!!!!


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2 responses to “Rachael Ray, Cannibal and Dog-Eater?

  1. No full stop on the original, but it did have the appropriate commas. Apparently someone thought it would be funny to photoshop them out and that version is still doing the rounds over two years later. http://www.tailsinc.com/2012/06/rachael-ray-altered-cover/


    • It truly never occurred to me that the cover might have been Photoshopped. With so much bad writing smacking me in the face every day, I have come to assume it is all legit. I apologize to RR and that magazine. My thanks to nomineuk for setting me straight.


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