Massaging and Harmonizing

A friend in the business world who shares my distain of overstuffed language sent me this beauty today. Someone in his company actually wrote, “…please let me know if you find errors as you massage the data as I will be happy to harmonize that with [Jason].”

I am always impressed by the creativity evidenced in business communications, even though the writers of these goodies don’t seem particularly creative in the rest of their lives.  Do they speak like this when they leave the office?

May you find harmony in your day—and perhaps sneak in a massage while you’re at it.


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2 responses to “Massaging and Harmonizing

  1. Hi, Paul—I was notified today that you have reblogged a few of my posts. I appreciate that! Thanks so much. If you click on Follow, you can be notified every time I have posted a new entry.

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