Mother’s Day Gift Suggestion

cover for ebook

Where can you get a Mother’s Day gift for under $3, one she will giggle over and love? Back in my Shameless Promotion Mode, I’m offering my e-book—Your Kid Said This!— as a nifty suggestion, a kind of “stocking stuffer” for all the great mothers you know.

Who is more honest than children? This book contains about 300 entertaining quotes from young children on topics as varied as Sex, School, Brothers and Sisters, Grownups, Love, Language, Potty Time, Food, Manners and Clothing. It also has charming illustrations, done by children, for each section.

You can read a free sample on Amazon. It’s also available on iBooks and many other e-book formats.  If you don’t have an iPad or a Kindle, you can download it and read it directly on your computer screen.  You can also send it as a gift to all those great moms you know, either to their reading devices or to their computers.

I’ve gotten wonderful feedback on the book and hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for your support!

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May 9, 2013 · 10:18 AM

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