The World Is My Oyster

Dumont Dunes, California. Rider (author) is on...

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When I started this blog in September 2012, I wondered if I would be able to find sufficient topics to write about.  Silly me.  Every day the world gives me something juicy.  Here is today’s offering.

I was in my orthopedist’s waiting room for my new knee’s one-year checkup. The only available magazine was Dirt Bike, about a vehicle I do not own and have no interest in. However, I did see the reason the magazine was in an orthopedist’s office; he certainly must deal with the results of some dirt bike wipeouts.

A letter to the editor contained the following sentence:

“If you meet one of these guys, start talking about [certain roads and trails] and you’ll see that grin on their face and a glean in their eye.”

Mr. Dirt Biker has two problems: he’s writing about “guys” (plural) but he allows them only one “face” and one “eye.” He needed to eliminate “one of” and just go with “these guys.” Then he would have to make “face” and “eye” plural.  One problem solved.

The second problem is that he used “glean” for “gleam.”  “Glean” means “to gather.”  I hope Mr. Dirt Biker is a better rider than writer.

My knee is great.  It was a very productive appointment.

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April 29, 2013 · 6:04 PM

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