Grievous and Mischievous and Homogeneous (Oh My!)

The first two words are often given an extra syllable when spoken, but they don’t merit it.  It’s not GREE-vee-us, nor is it mis-CHEE-vee-us.

They are pronounced GREE-viss and MIS-chiv-iss.

As to the third mispronunciation:  the word is homo-JEEN-ee-iss, not huh-MOJ-en-iss.  The latter seems to be the affected person’s choice.  Instead of adding a syllable, as in the first two words, many people are dropping a syllable in homogeneous.

Thank you for your attention and consideration of my suggestions.



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3 responses to “Grievous and Mischievous and Homogeneous (Oh My!)

  1. How about AFF- luent rather than affLUent that always gets me:-)


    • AFFluent is the preferred pronunciation. But I’m not sure what always “gets” you. Is it when people say afFLUent? That “gets” me too. When you look a word up in the dictionary, the first pronunciation is the preferred one.


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