Counsel, Consul, Council

COUNSEL as a noun means “advice.”  As a verb is means “to advise.”  (Those two words are often misused; note the spelling.)   Madeline offered me valuable counsel.  She counseled me thoughtfully.

CONSUL is a government representative who is stationed in another country.   Our government does not have a consul in North Korea.

COUNCIL is an advisory group or assembly.  The Second Vatican Council was convened by Pope John XXIII.

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  1. seagreenpress

    SO happy to see someone tackle this common misunderstanding. Even the most “sophisticated” people don’t seem to get it straight. Over the years, I have dealt with lawyers (as in legal counsel) and consuls themselves (not necessarily stationed outside the U.S., as our country is host to over 3,000 consuls) and consulates (as in the offices where consuls function) and found the mis-spellings perpetuated by all. As always, education is the answer.


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