Language quotes

Since this is a language blog, here are some teasers from my new e-book, Your Kid Said This!   Children’s language and art are original and fleeting.  At some point they learn the prevailing rules and something happens to stifle that creativity.  Write down what your own children and grandchildren say while you still remember their precious words.

Samantha (5) came in the house and said, “Mommy! I have the hookups!”


Dani (6) announced, “The Hunchback of Motor Dame” is my favorite movie!”


Catherine (5) heard about Saddam Hussein and asked her mother, “Why didn’t that bad man live in a house like we do? Why did he have to live in a rock?”


Jonathan (3) had put a belt through a cardboard paper towel roll and was snapping it at a stuffed animal. He told his family, “Watch me lion tame at this elephant!”


After Jesse (7) moved to a new house, he told his grandmother he had his own closet but there weren’t any “hookers” in it.


Keegan (6) on discovering a cattail bush at the park:  “Mom! Look! A cocktail bush! We gotta plant a cocktail bush, cuz then we’d always have cocktails!”

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March 12, 2013 · 1:31 AM

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