In Honor of the Super Bowl

For those of you interested in watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, I beg you not to use the announcers and players as models from whom to take your language cues. Aside from grammatical errors, chances are you will hear clichés flying higher than the ball headed for a field goal.

Listen for these:

He’s got game!

It’s a game of inches!

They are going at it like a couple of heavyweights!

They’re locked in a defensive battle!

The fans are really getting their money’s worth!

They’re feeling each other out!

You’re watching a nip-and-tuck game!

This is a real nail biter!

This game is down to the wire!

They’re fighting tooth and nail!

Print this out and make a check mark every time you hear one of these tired, hackneyed phrases. You may need to sharpen that pencil a few times.

Enjoy the game.


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