Making Names Plural

People who know how to make nouns plural in general often make up their own crazy set of rules when dealing with names:

I know two people who are Gonzalez’s, three Garies, two Barry’s  and five Maxs.

Those should be Gonzalezes, Garys, Barrys and Maxes.  Of course, you can just write that you have many friends named Gonzalez, Gary, Barry and Max.  I can hear you breathing more easily.

People whose last name ends in a vowel are no different than your consonant-ending friends:

Castroes and Castro’s aren’t plurals for Castro.  All you need is Castros.


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3 responses to “Making Names Plural

  1. nikhil ks

    How would you make the name Jax plural? I got a bit confused when i saw it as Jax’s . Wouldn’t it need to be Jaxes?


    • If there is more than one person named Jax, then you are correct that to make it plural you would add —es. People go nuts with apostrophes and are often very shaky about their use. The word Jax’s shows that Jax owns something and whatever it is will follow: Jax’s favorite book.

      Good call!


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