Nix Actually

Have you noticed people relying on actually to fill their sentences?  If we can assume what you are saying is truthful, you have no need to add that word of assurance.

On one of the Sunday morning talk shows yesterday, Randi Weingarten, the current head of the American Federation of Teachers (she is also a labor leader and an attorney), used the word so often that she had me yelling it back at her every time I heard it. It’s an annoying verbal tic that adds no content.

Years ago, the young granddaughter of a friend of mine was using actually repeatedly.  When my friend asked her what the word meant, her granddaughter thought hard and then answered, “Actually, I don’t know.”


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2 responses to “Nix Actually

  1. Have you heard TV commentators abuse the word basically? I’ve heard it repeated almost five times in less than two minutes… Maybe you can explain why this word is used. I have no clue.


    • “Basically” is right up there with “actually.” They both are fillers for people who either don’t think before they speak or who don’t hear themselves. Or both. Those verbal tics are so annoying, but I fear they are here to stay. And don’t look to television reporters, sports announcers, celebrities and their ilk to do any better; if anything, they are the worst offenders.

      Good topic!


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